Katrina Kaif reveals a lot in an interview with Hello! magazine : Pics

Katrina Kaif, who has been in the news a lot lately bared herself in an interview with Hello! magazine.

For a woman who chooses to say little of her personal life, Katrina Kaif reveals a lot about her plans for the future:”“You can try to plan your career, but not marriage. That involves two people. I could be planning here, but what’s going on in the other person’s head? He could be planning to go to Iceland, or take that space trip in two years to the moon! My thoughts on marriage have changed drastically. Relationships for me change with experiences. I do know that I will only get married if I love that person insanely and can’t live without him and if I get that back from him.”

Always critiqued by the media for being the one film star who chooses to stay mum about her personal life, Katrina had this to say to them,”Some days I feel like sitting down with the media, drinking coffee and having chocolate, and saying, ‘Guys, we can be friends.’ (Laughs) The kind of stories one reads: ‘This girl got kicked out of that film and is at war with another actress.’ It’s just so mean, it’s traumatic stuff.”

In a moment of brutal honesty, Katrina opens up about the pictures of Ranbir and her in Ibiza. “My point of view is that if I’m in an unguarded, private moment, is this really required? As an actor, I’m prepared for an interview, for press conference, to meet the media on the red carpet, or at a movie set. I just wish, well in an ideal world, that I was left alone in my downtime. That was my private space. Having said that, this was my request. You may not agree as paparazzi, but I put out my opinion.”

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And of today’s fashion and sartorial choices, Ms. Kaif says,”A lot of fashion, I just don’t get. I want to feel comfortable and it limits your options. You can’t wear plunging necks or backless outfits. A dress with a bunch of mirrors or metal seems funny to me. It’s only on the red carpet that you get to wear what you please and a dashing space suit outfit doesn’t make sense to me. If I got to the Filmfare awards, I want to sit and chill, not feel conscious and keep pulling at my dress.”

Not one to care much about her fashion sensibilities, Katrina does however look towards Sonam as her guiding fashion light. “I feel one should look presentable, make an effort and look appropriately dressed. Yet I can’t claim to understand fashion the way Sonam (Kapoor) does. I’ve told her that I’d be so happy if she came over and told me what to wear. That’s her gift. She’s talented with that. It’s not mine. But I’m good at styling my characters in my movies and my directors often tell me that.”

The actress who has often been criticized for her minimal red carpet appearances had this to say about her inclination towards fashion: ““Maybe not the least effort, but yes, the least attention to the changing scene in red carpet fashion. It’s because I don’t care… (laughs).”

On her experience in Southern films: “I remember the choreographer telling the hero: ‘This girl is useless. I don’t know what to do with her.’ I must have been 19, all wide-eyed and thinking, ‘Uh oh, I don’t know how to dance, this must be bad news.’ It was like starting with nothing. Still, I believe I’ve had it easy because in the end, I was fortunate to get rewarded for my hard work. There are so many people who work just as hard and don’t get anywhere.”

On how she views her success story in Bollywood: “Just the other day, I was talking to Adi (Chopra) and we were trying to remember which year I did Sarkar. I Googled it and then all the images popped up; I just went into flashback mode. I was sitting in my car and reminiscing. It felt like another time, another me. My mind went back to how it all started. I appreciated how far I’d reached and even what life has given you. Because sometimes, life doesn’t work out.”

Katrina Kaif reveals on her journey to fame and fortune: “I just remember having passionate goals. When I first came to India, I was clear I wanted to be a model. When I learnt more about the modeling industry, I wanted to be the face of a brand, be a showstopper. I had benchmarks that I wanted to achieve. Once I did, I moved on. My sights were automatically then set on films. Maybe it was the people around me; it just seemed like the next big challenge. Films were like the Mt Everest that I had to tackle. Things happened slowly. Trying to get comfortable on the set, working on my diction, dance. It was a journey, but it was in my destiny, not something I could have planned.”

On why she chooses to stay clear of makeup and fanfare when she’s out with friends:”If you sit for two hours every day doing hair and make-up for 85 per cent of the year, you don’t want to spend the rest of your time away from the set getting ready. If I’m in London with my sisters or stepping out for dinner with friends at the Marriott, I don’t want to get dressed up. You forget how you actually look!”

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  1. I have a T-shirt with ‘I can see your lips moving,but all I hear is blah blah blah’ prinetd on it.If Sonam Kapoor ever honoured me with her company,I have a feeling I’d be wearing it a lot. All this reminds me of Saki’s character Reginald,who couldn’t arrive at eighteen till his mother remained at thirty nine.And so he was 17 for three birthdays,to be mathematically exact.

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