Naomi Watts fears the criticism of Princess Diana’s sons William and Harry


Naomi Watts (44) trying her best for the personification of Lady Di in the upcoming biopic “Diana” to do justice to the role of the Princess of Wales. However, the talented actress – Naomi Watts fears the opinion of her greatest critics: Prince William (31) and Prince Harry (28).

Naomi Watts said she prepared well before to be in the biopic “Diana”. The actress stressed repeatedly in interviews that she wants to show the role of Lady Di absolutely authentic. In a recent interview with “Empire” Watts told that she not only wanted to imitate the voice of Princess Diana perfectly but even the facial features of the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry as she practiced them from a long time.

But despite all the preparations for her role in “Diana”: Naomi Watts fears what will be the opinion of two princes to the biopic of her mother, the 44-year-old told the “InStyle” magazine. “You always wonder how guys think about her. That’s always this big thing in my head, they would agree to the deal? ” says Naomi.

She says, “I know that there is nothing offensive in this film. It really is the re-production of their lives. The boys were also shown in some scenes. Their presence is there, but it’s all about the love story. This film describes the last two years in the life of the royal British princess.”

The much awaited biopic “Diana” with Naomi Watts will be released on 9 January 2014 in your nearest theaters. Then only, spectators can get an idea of ​​how Watts convincingly mimics the Queen of Hearts. A full trailer of the strip, however, already been published in early August.

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