Supersexy Katrina Kaif

Supersexy Katrina Kaif on Vogue photoshoot – Full HQ Set


Of course this beautiful Bollywood star drives all the boys crazy. But how does Supersexy Katrina Kaif manage to hold her fort in this big Bollywood tent?

Katrina has that distinctly Indian trait of girlish innocence, but laced with a strong attitude… she gets upset when things are not done her way.

She’s a fashion icon and knows her brands well–sometimes she can get obsessive with clothes, but only for work–and she is aware of what looks best on her.




She’s cool and she doesn’t give off a starry vibe, although in her interactions she does blow hot and cold. There is a certain vulnerability to her that comes from deep within.

Katrina has always wanted to change the perception of heroines in Bollywood. She has never understood why any actress should stand quietly next to a hero and just look pretty. She has fought hard and braved many scripts to be given the chance to really excel in what she believes in.

What separates her from the crowd is that so far she has not lost her head to stardom. She has carried herself with dignity through many twists and turns.







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