Vidhya Balan Hot Pictures

Vidhya Balan Hot Pictures Collection (Video)

Vidhya Balan Hot Pictures

The arrival of India’s first lady jasoos, and who better than Vidhya Balan Hot herself playing lady James Bond.  Vidhya Balan has received one National Film Award, five Filmfare Awards and five Screen Awards.

Vidhya Balan aspired to a career in film from a young age, and had her first acting role in the 1995 sitcom Hum Paanch. She pursued a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Mumbai and simultaneously made several unsuccessful attempts to start a career in film.

Vidhya Balan Hot


She initially drew criticism for her fluctuating weight and poor dress sense, but was later credited in the media for retaining her individuality and breaking stereotypes of a Hindi film heroine.

Vidhya Balan is a social activist and supports the empowerment of women.


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